Continuous Computing Problems

At the last Internet Telephony show I heard a bunch of complaining about Continuous Computing. Complaints about service levels, responsiveness, etc. In addition I overheard a conversation of an irate Continuous Computing partner.

I am sure every company has a customer or two that that feels this way about them from time to time. In my position I get to hear many customer complaints… Perhaps too many. I usually disregard the first one or two but when get many in a row that is a sure sign of potential problems.

Until recently I never heard anything bad or good about the company and they have an A+ list of investors behind them.

That is why I was surprised when I was faced with similar comments at other industry events – I have been on the road for many weeks now — but no one wanted to go on record. Apparently there is some abrasiveness in the company’s ranks but insiders felt uncomfortable with me revealing the details.

I have calls into Brian Wood the company’s VP of Marketing who I know. As soon as I can connect with Continuous Computing I will let you know the details of my conversation.

Consider this story developing.

  • Anon
    August 10, 2006 at 12:22 pm

    Continuous Computing bought UPTech, integrated it as one of the BUs, only to have most of the original China operations closed in Q1’06 lay-off off nearly 70 engineers in China ! All until then, the executives painted a rosy picture and mislead employees within the company. In Bangalore, they laid off nearly 25 engineers last week (the entire division focussing on atca was closed)! Of these, few employees joined the company on Jul-10’06 only to be fired on Jul-14’06. In the US they fired Trillium corporation key technical & mgmt staff, as well as the CFO Erez

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