Didx.org is a service I just learned about allowing DID number trading and peering. The service allows a VoIP service provider to provide national and international numbers from their website and only pay for the number when a customer buys the number from them.

The company plans on adding new features such as e911 and CALEA support. Next month it will have ENUM and regular peering service similar to the VPF.


I had a chance to speak via e-mail with company management and found some more interesting facts about DIDX. According to the company, they are the only website/company in the world targeted to service providers who want to do a trade or exchange of DID numbers.

The providers upload there overstock of the DIDs on the didxchange and then when another provider is looking for them, the DID is sold to them and the trade takes place, and DIDX makes its money.

In this way DIDX provides CLECs and small domestic and international ITSPs the ability to upload millions of DIDs that were never sellable before by themselves and bring them to a place where anyone can buy them.

DIDX provides the seller the money, billing solution, customer service and testing of the DID number on a commission basis.

By adding ENUM and e911 it also enables the ITSPs to become more efficient and grow their business to national and international level in a couple of hours time.

At this time the company has 1,100 ITSP members and they started on August 1, 2005.

DIDX gives web APIs to interface their database so that all their data is available on the website of the service provider so the customer can choose the number(s) they want.

The DID can be purchased on the basis of quality, area code, and/or provider , i.e. they can only buy DIDs from a certain carrier which could cost $25,000 if you were to go directly to some carrier’s carriers today.

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