ECI Triple-Play News

ECI Telecom introduced on Wednesday the Hi-FOCuS MiniCAB, an Outside Plant (OSP) system that can fully replace a complete street cabinet. The size of the system allows broadband deployments for triple-play services at any location, including rural areas, by reducing the installation impediments associated with traditional street cabinets.

The system supports ADSL2+ and VDSL2-based capabilities, and is the latest addition to the Hi-FOCuS family of OSP solutions.

The triple-play market is certainly heating up and service providers are scrambling to find efficient ways to roll these services out to their customers. In terms of availability: the Hi-FOCuS MiniCAB ADSL2+ version is currently available. The VDSL2 version will be available in Q1 2006.

Check out the Triple-Play/IPTV sessions next week in Los Angeles for more information on this burgeoning field.

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