Emergent Network Solutions

A complaint I get often from VoIP providers is that the complexity of deploying VoIP is more than meets the eye. Getting disparate equipment to work together seamlessly is a challenge. Sure there are bakeoffs and other ways to get companies to work together but when you get into network deployment mode it gets complex and expensive to get all sorts of equipment to work together in one seamless package.

Before I can tell you what the company does in detail I need to define the 3 acronyms necessary to help understand what they do.

EREV: ENTICE Residential/Enterprise VoIP
ELICIT: Emergent Local Integrated Carrier Internet Telephony
ENTICE: Emergent Network Telecommunication Infrastructure Control Environment

A quick note, the products have to be simpler than the acronyms.

OK, where was I? Oh Yes, the company execs I met with seem like good people and aside from the acronym soup above, I think they are on to something here. They have and end-to-end package that includes a softswitch, session controller, web front end for customer service, self-provisioning, voicemail, hosted centrex, billing, prepaid/postpaid capability other enhanced services.

They tell me they are replacing lots of Asterisk servers as they are better able to handle the needs of a growing ITSP.

Purchasing telco in a box type applications is useful for companies like ISPs and others that want to quickly get into VoIP without the hassles of having to piece together more complicated solutions.

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