Enjoying Florida

I wish I could stay and enjoy Florida a bit more but I am speaking and then out of here later today. I find I can be more productive in a hotel room than I am in my office. The reason of course is lack on interruptions. I also find that if you get up early enough the broadband access in the hotel can be quite speedy.

I picked a great day to come down and speak as the humidity is very low and the temperatures are pretty mild. On the flipside, I seemed to have picked a day where there was a prison escape and bank robbery. Things are boring in Connecticut by comparison where the most excitement we have is when traffic lets up a bit early during rush hour. Of course that is just one person’s opinion.

While I type this entry I am listening to Judge Sam Alito dance around abortion and other questions with amazing grace. I suppose he will get confirmed anyway.

I have to go over my Tech Data presentation again this morning just to make sure it is perfect. I am looking forward to the talk. I don’t often get to speak to an audience of primarily resellers. I love resellers. Without them, there is no enterprise VoIP market as these are the people that take all the wonderful products and services developed by under funded entrepreneurs and sell them to people around the world.

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