GenBand and IMS

GenBand dropped by TMC headquarters recently and had a great deal to tell us about how they plan on becoming big players in the IMS space. As part of this initiative they acquired BayPackets, a founding member of the IMS forum. Here is a great article that details what the company is doing as well as customer wins. Here is a teaser:
GENBAND’s Jodi Bennett says, “We’ve really set upon a course to ‘build beyond VoIP’. That’s a tagline we’ve been running with for a while. The acquisition of the Syndeo product line that we accomplished earlier in 2006 was the first step. Acquiring BayPackets is the second step. In all likelihood, you’ll see us do another step or two acquisition-wise.”

“With this BayPackets acquisition, we get a lot of mindshare in the IMS area,” says GENBAND’s Frederick Reynolds. “We will never compete with the hardcore softswitch vendors in the big carriers, against the Lucents and the Nortels of the world. But we can be a nice complement on the infrastructure side and on the application side, and so we can sort of sandwich ourselves into that position. For smaller carriers we can do everything ourselves, but for large carrier networks we need to be able to fold in and cooperate and interoperate with the large softswitches and IP/SIP-based devices that are going to play a huge part in the IMS world.”

“We did over $17 million revenues in 2006 and we’ll do $33 million in 2006,” says Bennett. “The vast majority of that income is in the gateway business. Hopefully, BayPackets and our other strategies will help achieve around $60 million in revenues in 2007. An additional acquisition we’re considering may get us to $100 million in revenues and then we can think harder about our ultimate intention of going public.”

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