George Ou on Net Neutrality

George does a great job explaining his views on net neutrality.

his views on net neutrality.The amount of political rhetoric coming from the Net neutrality crowd is at a fever pitch. From to practicing their brand of scare the public to a self-interest driven "do-no-evil" Google, the consistent message we’re getting is this:

Internet Telco providers will control what you see on the net
There will be a two tiered Internet

Google or other websites might respond at a snails pace or work at all

Voice over IP telephony providers will be shut out

What’s needed is an intelligent and balanced debate on this topic, but the issue as represented by many in the media has been largely one sided. Instead of seeing this as a battle of large corporations between companies like Google and AT&T, we are suppose to believe that it is just the "evil" Telco companies and the "evil" politicians they paid off opposing Net neutrality against the people. If we are suppose to start with this premise, then we may as well not even have a debate since we’ve demonized any and all opposition to begin with


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