GIPS Enabled Speakerphone

I am in the airport now (what else is new). I am speaking at a direct marketing event tomorrow in Akron, Ohio. I will be addressing how to build a superior website. The show organizers thought I would be the right person to discuss this topic after learning about all the traffic TMCnet is generating each month.
As many of you know w surpassed a million unique, filtered visitors (not to be confused with unfiltered that includes bots, spiders and junk). We also rank in the top 1,400 out of all sites in the world.
After that I am in Atlanta speaking to more resellers about how to get into and profit from VoIP and IP communications.
Anyway I recently learned about a new company called LifeSize which has a conference phone that is supposed to be of the highest quality. Although I don’t have time to research this further this phone looks just like the one inside of the offices of Global IP Sound — they tell me it uses their technology.
If I am wrong I am sure the community of readers I have will correct me ASAP. I apologize for not having the time to fact check but I am boarding a plane now.
BTW: Google is upgrading to a new software/hardware combination called Big Daddy that is wreaking havoc on the web traffic of many on the internet. We have seen wild fluctuations in our traffic as well. Some highly ranked areas have disappeared and other areas are receiving record traffic. This is quite wacky.

  • Rick
    May 15, 2006 at 4:25 pm

    Rich, we won’t rough you up! :-))
    I have seen Lifesize mentioned as a customer of GIPS.

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