Going Back To NYC

I am taking a red eye flight back home and look forward to getting to work. I met with a number of VoIP companies and they all seem to be doing well. I heard that Q1 was a bit slow in the enterprise VoIP space for some reason but there are a record number of deals on the table for many companies. In all I saw companies selling to OEMs, enterprise customers and service providers. All are doing well. Most are setting records.

I also saw a few companies in the IP-Contact Center space who told me that their sales are doing well. This bodes well for our IP Contact Center Summit event next month in Dallas. This event is collocated with Speech-World. There is a surprising amount of carrier interest in this show and the reason seems to be that service providers not only have contact centers that can benefit from speech, many are looking to speech as a differentiator. By offering speech based dialing as an enhanced service, a carrier can make nice incremental revenue. These sorts of services are needed in a crowded VoIP market.

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