Interesting Aculab News

Aculab supports a few new codecs with their latest HMP release. Prosody S is now on version 2.1 and supports G.723.1, G.726, G.729AB and iLBC among others. Greg has the details on his blog.

Apparently the company is so confident in the new release they are offering an extended trial period to customers. I plan on checking it out this week at VoIP Developer here in Santa Clara. While I am at it I may have a talk with company exec Mike Matthews who absolutely refuses to spell call center with an "er" at the end. He keeps spelling it "call centre."

Those Brits are just trying to exert influence on us Americans I think. The next thing you know the folks at Aculab will be handing out complimentary bottles of vinegar for VoIP Developer attendees to pour on their chips. 😉

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