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A while back I wrote about Inveneo and their bicycle powered VoIP solution. I really think sort of application is how we in the VoIP market can give back to society. Many of us who have made a living in the VoIP industry should be proud that this same technology is being used in third world countries to allow people to communicate with friends and relatives more easily and inexpensively.

We take telephone calling for granted but in remote villages where the residents are usually poor and even if they have the means, they have to travel many kilometers to get to a telephone. With the advent of the bicycle powered VoIP phone, these residents can now communicate with friends and relatives around the world.

We are especially proud to tell you that the people at Inveneo will be at our VoIP Developer show next week showing their bicycle powered VoIP solution for all to see.

Here is a diagram of how it all works:

Here is something unique and novel and it fills a need that we as human beings have – the need to communicate.

The VoIP Developer show is the primordial soup of VoIP It is the place where all the elements come together in the IP communications space and in so doing DNA fragments are developed which turn into VoIP applications over time.

If you want to see what is going to be exciting in the VoIP market in 12-18 months, come to the VoIP developer show next week to see it beginning to emerge. From WiFi telephony devices to softswitch application development environments.

The evolution of VoIP begins with the VoIP DevCon event next week in San Francisco. Whether you come by plane, car or bicycle we look forward to seeing you there. Oh and by the way, it is definitely BYOPP (Bring Your Own Pocket Protector 😉

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