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I have been spending some time this weekend reading articles on IPCommunications.com. One of the stories that caught my eye was about the state of the telecommunications market in the Philippines. According to Susan Campbell the country is going through some dramatic changes as their telecom market becomes deregulated, opportunities abound.

In another article Bruce Meyerson writes that Verizon Wireless has signed on as the first cellular carrier to offer a broadcast TV network for mobile phones that Qualcomm Inc. plans to launch in late 2006. The article goes on to talk about Qualcomm’s MediaFLO system which will be broadcast over a different wireless spectrum that voice and data transmission today. MediaFLO operates in one direction only and it can potentially free up valuable spectrum for other valuable wireless carrier services.

If you are interested in stories, news and research on the booming IP communications market be sure to bookmark the site today.

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