Panasonic wants to take the lead in IPv6 and has rolled out a host of new products that are IPv6 compatible. It looks like the company will integrate IPv6 IP PBX with a slew of other products aimed at increasing productivity in the office.

As a result of the Internet’s explosive growth in recent years, the world is running out of IP addresses. To solve this, IPv6 is being developed to replace the current protocol. Upgrading to IPv6 will not only make trillions of new addresses available, it will also enable thousands of new operational applications and business opportunities.

The government has targeted 2008 as the year it will roll out IPv6 in its agencies and as with other standards, the government’s lead could result in industry following closely. If so, it seems Panasonic wants to be so far ahead of the curve that they become a market share leader just based on IPv6 experience alone.

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