ITEXPO Keynoters Make News

It is amazing to me how much news is being generated by two of our star attraction keynoters at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. Today, Michael Powell announced he is joining the board of directors of ObjectVideo, Inc a video surveillance software firm. This ties in really well to our security/surveillance over IP session in the conference program. If you want to hear Mr. Powell come to ITEXPO to hear his keynote speech.

In other news, Carly Fiorina also joined a board today. She joined Revolution health Group a company started by Steve Case the co-founder of AOL. If you would like to hear Miss Fiorina’s Keynote also come to ITEXPO next month.

We are so excited that these two keynoters can only be seen at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo.

This show is already the largest VoIP show in the world (as measured by attendance) but now we also have the best keynoters I have ever seen at a focused communications show.

Keynoters like these and a superior conference program are just two of the reasons I think we are experiencing record attendance.

If you want to see what an amazing amount of attendance ITEXPOs get, take a look at his video. There aren’t other VoIP shows that are able to match the level of enthusiasm and buying power of ITEXPO attendees. At least that is what exhibitors tell me.

I hope to see you at the show in Los Angeles next month.

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