Latest News May 30th, 2006

I am on the road again this morning so since I wont have time to blog I thought I would give you lots of fun stuff to read in my absence.
For example here is a story about who is behind the Internet that has some pretty interesting points. Om has a story about Internet 2 worth reading. And it gets me thinking why if Internet 2 is so fast and was promised to be the future, why the talk of net neutrality an d having to get a second tier of internet service? Why can’t we all just have Internet 2?
Andy talks about shadow numbers, Aswath discusses Skype competing with iTunes. Brian McConnell talks about the rumored Apple iPhone and has good points about how difficult it is to cram all those electronics into ever shrinking devices. Corante has some thoughts on Skype users versus downloaders. Finally, Jeff talks about voice as an application.
Oh but before I go, here are some interesting TMCnet headlines worth passing along.
Have a great day!

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