Life’s Questions

Many of life’s questions can be realized when flying cross-country. For example, why when you fly over Nevada are there lots of bodies of water but nothing green in sight? Even in Africa for example, water creates life.

Another mystery, where are all the pillows on flights? I estimate millions of them have disappeared from domestic airlines in the last few years. What happened to them? Can we find all the pillows we can use on a variety of international flights now? Did they have tremendous resale value? Did they show up on eBay? Were the pillows so heavy in the first place? Sometimes I am really surprised that they didn’t just remove the chairs.

Finally, we are we told that wireless devices will interfere with the plane’s normal operation and that we need to turn off such wireless products during flight. Recently though the airlines have started to tell us that they will soon have in-flight WiFi. If you pay for wireless service, you can use it. Weird, huh?

What about airline service? I flew Song to LA and Delta back. I appreciated the flexibility in switching airlines as they are owned by the same parent but I wonder why Song is so awesome and Delta so crappy. Same company, same management, different culture and service levels. It is tough to see how the low-cost carrier can be so much better than the expensive parent.

If you have flown Song you know they have near-gourmet food such as wasabi-peas and other really interesting food items. Delta – just a basic snack. Sure Song charges you but why can’t Song do the same?

When I think of the airlines and Delta in particular, I see similarities to LECs that are now investing in fiber to compete with cable and VoIP service providers. What’s happening in both markets is too similar to ignore.

If the airlines are any guide, LECs are in trouble. They are too fat to compete with new entrants. The only way for them to compete is to use the lobbying pull they have and gobble up the only competitor who knows how to lobby effectively against them — AT&T.

As Matt Drudge would say: Developing.

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