Macs Do IP PBX

My daughter Priscilla – almost 3 is about to get her first computer and it seems her friends have them already. I can’t believe that at 3 you can behind in computing but apparently it is so. I suppose she is Generation Z and unlike Generation Y who can IM with 15 people at a time, Gen Zers will be able to IM with 50 people at a time while speaking with 50 more over VoIP while taking in 5 TV shows and reading a newspaper (yeah, right like Gen Zers will read newspapers).

Anyway, we are trying to figure out the best computer for her and it seems her friends have Macs so she may get one too. Thankfully, according to Andy, she can use her Mac devices as a PBX if she likes. Of course I am sure the term PBX won’t even exist when she is in the workplace but who knows?

  • Brandon
    October 16, 2006 at 8:57 pm

    Well, I’m not sure about this German thing, but you could always run Asterisk and plug in some SIP phones. (You can pick up some nice Zultys phones real cheap these days)
    Definitely get the kid an iMac. You will be happy and probably end up converting yourself. I did.
    Especially now that an iMac can run Windows too if you want. Either dual boot with bootcamp or run windows in osx with parallels.

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