Mr. Powell Speaks

“Tin can and string,” is how Mr. Powell referred to the PSTN in his speech – at ITEXPO, his first at a telecom event since he stepped down as chairman of the FCC. Powell made the speech in a standing room only session of over 800 people.

Powell discussed the power of Moore’s Law and the rapid advancements in technology in cars, building systems and the medical field. Storage too has grown exponentionally in cost and dropped in price. Powell’s first hard disk purchase cost $1,000+ and held 10 megabytes.

There is a technology revolution happening before our eyes he said. This is really the information age. Average people now have control and the impact of this on society is profound.

Traditional businesses are being collapsed in different ways. Consumers are your boss and a threat to your business Powell opined. the music industry didn’t see the consumer threat of MP3 downloads until it was too late.

Powell implied that we are in an age of great differentiation and things like news are more personalized than ever.

Consumers will find a way to get connected and stay connected. Don’t underestimate techology innovation and look at how bloggers brought down Dan Rather and changed the political climate.

Powell asked when we will stop trying to regulate things that are just bits. Zeros and ones.

Powell was charming and thrilled conferees with humorous stories about his personal life that tied into his talk.
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