Not Making Money in Tech

It would seem that today is a bad day to make money. As funny as that sounds there are people that are upset with Apple for selling products that scratch. Now I am not sure who these people are but they obviously not noticed that are buying artwork and not something rugged. Sure you pay a lot for an iPod but if you want something that is scratchproof try a rugged MP3 player.

If you are Blackberry and trying to make a buck selling $400+ corporate devices and a server that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, “Fugedaboutit.” Mob boss (not meant in a derogatory way – I am just staying on theme) Microsoft is about to take RIM out. And you thought the NTP problem was a tough fight. That street brawl will be nothing compared to what Tom Keating describes as a killer strategy from Redmond.

Keating further explains that Steve Ballmer is in Barcelona speaking at 3GSM. Speaking of Barcelona, it sounds like a wonderful code name for the next Redmond-based operating system. But Steve before you get any ideas let’s get the current one out the door 😉 .

Then there’s WiFi… According to this story we won’t pay for it in the future. Skype and others have invested in technology to make it easier to share free WiFi services. Apparently everyone wants free WiFi but no one wants to share. I guess we will be paying Boingo and others for a while longer.

Before you get sad and depressed about how hard it is to make a buck, just remember that Apple can just make sturdier devices, RIM can make Blackberries that have better web access and of course the WiFi providers have to hope that free WiFi won’t happen. In all, 2006 should be a good year for technology. I’d say we still have a few more years before there is an iPod in every pocket and Blackberry on every waist.

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