On to VoIP Peering

The following is a portion of my April 2006 Internet Telephony Magazine Publisher’s Outlook:

On to VoIP Peering
Everywhere I turn, people remind me that I declared 2006 the "Year of VoIP Peering." At least, it seems that everyone agrees. The numbers I am seeing coming out of the VPF, for example, are staggering. The total number of minutes carried each year seems to grow exponentially on their peering network.

In addition, there are rumors that AT&T will join the VPF. The announcement was not made formally, but my sources tell me there is a good chance it will happen. Incidentally, I met some people from AT&T after my last keynote at the Voice Peering Forum in New York, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them join.

If this announcement happens, I will be absolutely correct and we will see even more rapid acceleration of VoIP peering in the world. If it doesn’t happen the market will still grow – just a bit more slowly. So far, this is still the Year of VoIP Peering. I will be keynoting the next Voice Peering Forum event in Miami around the same day this magazine mails.

  • skibare
    March 27, 2006 at 7:06 am

    I think in New York on Tuesday, you will see/hear about VOIP PEERING and why all the major cables are riding Level3………starting, transporting, and terminating that call ALL on an IP network will bypass the RBOC’s and their cash registers!

  • VoIP Blog - Tehrani.com
    March 31, 2006 at 12:31 am

    Voice Peering Forum Miami 2006 Day One

    When I arrived at the show today I met with Shrihari Pandit the person who invented the concept of the Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) and we spoke for a great while about all the things going on with the VPF…

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