PIKA Technologies, a company in the DSP resource market for over a decade just announced it will have SIP support and real-time transport protocol streaming (RTP) this June. The product name is MonteCarlo SDK, Release 6.3. This SDK will enable SIP and enhanced fax services on PIKA digital T1/E1 boards and PIKA analog boards. To remove the typical complexity of moving from one release to the next, most MonteCarlo 6.1- and 6.2-based applications will run on 6.3 with a simple recompile only.

The company further unveiled its initiatives in HMP. In the early life of the company, as part of the product strategy, the design team made the architectural decision to power the call control stacks on the computer’s host processor. They are now leveraging that knowledge and expertise as their designers enable current DSP-based media processing algorithms to run on the host as well. This is the next step in the company’s product roadmap for converged TDM/IP and pure IP environments.

HMP is one of the reasons Intel purchased Dialogic over five years ago. The best way to compete with TI in the DSP space was to eliminate the DSP altogether. The HMP argument says that you won’t find a cheaper MIP than on a Pentium CPU and in many applications HMP makes sense. Personally my favorite HMP app allows a SIP telephone number to be handled by a speech enabled HMP-based IVR system. You don’t need any proprietary boards in this configuration and you have a powerful voice and call processing system that scales.

If you want to see Pika technologies at TMC’s VoIP Developer Conference this August 2-3 in San Jose, 2005 they will be in booth 205.

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