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Sangoma has made news the last few days with their support for PCI Express or PCIe line of cards based on its Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) family of cards. The company’s CEO David Mandelstam says the A108 card, which at 240 call capacity is the highest density PC voice card existing today, is well suited to support the new high performance PCIe servers used in large telephony applications.

Mandelstam says PCIe is the new standard in all PC motherboard designs. Sangoma will continue to produce standard 3.3v/5v PCI versions of the A102, A104, A108 and A200 cards for the foreseeable future to support legacy PC server designs. Similar to the PCI versions, the PCIe versions also support field upgradeable firmware to take advantage of hardware and software improvements as they become available. The PCIe versions also offer optional carrier-grade echo cancellation across the line of cards.

Sangoma was in the news yesterday as well as they came out with a white paper in conjunction with Jon Arnold exploring the evolution of modern telephony generally, and looks specifically at what Sangoma is doing to enable open source PBX (NewsAlert) solutions.

The white paper also discusses the factors driving TDM to IP migration .

If you are interested in learning more on open source telephony be sure to be at ITEXPO in a few weeks to meet all the players in the open source space. In addition there will be certification offered in the open source PBX space and other conference sessions on the topic.

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