SIP and IMS Magazine Write-Up

TMC’s new magazines titled SIP Magazine and IMS Magazine got picked up by the VoIP IP Telephony blog. We have received an amazing amount of feedback on both magazines and are excited about their respective launched this January and February 2006.

SIP continues to take the world by storm and is a technology that really bridges the VoIP world and information technology. IMS too is a bridging technology but in this case it bridges wireless and wireline. I am excited about both markets and I’ve been a SIP enthusiast since the standard came on the scene.

There was a time in 1999 to 2000 where I thought the endless spewing of new protocols in VoIP was going to choke the industry. As it turns out after 9/11 the market was shaken up to such a degree that the current hot standard made the most sense to implement. After all the various standards such as MGCP, megaco, H.323, etc were confusing the market and most every company had to start focusing on sales and not standards pontification and proliferation.

As an integral part of IMS, SIP will certainly live for a while and I am sure it will eventually evolve like all standards do but for now it is something technology companies can focus on when bringing new products and services to market.

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