Update: Be sure to check out the newly released VoIP For SMB site that details the latest news and features in the world of small business voice over IP.
I am seeing lots of new devices coming onto the market. Converged firewall, SIP, WiFi, VoIP devices that will let about 50-60 people use VoIP in their offices. The holy grail of VoIP for many of these companies is the SMB space which will be huge adopters of VoIP in the coming months. The channel for such products is resellers and service providers.
These device companies have priced their products in the $500-$1,000 range depending on features and functions. Worldwide there are hundreds of millions of small offices so the market for such products is huge. I am working with a number of these companies to help them get their products out into the hands of resellers and service providers worldwide.
It is an exciting time for me as there are a number of companies in the market that have made it through the telecom nuclear winter and these companies are more optimistic than ever. They are spending more than ever on R&D. The SMB space is virtually untapped and presents a tremendous opportunity for resellers and ITSPs worldwide.
I look forward to seeing VoIP adoption in this segment grow.

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