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So you think you have seen everything in the communications market? Well you haven’t as there is yet a new product which kind of fits into a new category and kind of doesn’t. The product is the Snap Communicator from Toucan Global.

The Communicator is basically a device which sits on a desk and allows you to use VoIP to communicate with other Snap Communicators. The company is focusing on the simplicity angle as a sales tool. You basically press a button to speak with another Snap user and and press another button have a conference with yet more people.

The gadgets do have presence built in and act pretty much like a unified communications application which merges IM and VoIP calling but without the benefit of IM.

The product also accepts voicemail and e-mails the voicemail as an attachment. In addition, the nifty gadget can conference up to four people.

The devices function a lot like Nextel walkie-talkies but only with no monthly fee and no wireless functionality.

If there is a downside it is that there is a cost to get around enterprise firewalls. Still, if this device helps you in your business, the $25 annual fee which is waived in year one is likely worth it.

Is there a need for such a product? Definitely… If there is a need for Nextel then there is a need for this device. Just like a walkie-talkie, you press a button on a device and are directly connected to others on the "network." In addition, there is an ease of use factor that some executives will like and branch office locations will really enjoy.

The units cost $99 retail and resellers are wanted.

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