SPIRIT Supports Java

Voice Engine for Multi-Point IP Conferencing now Runs on Java

Spirit claims that the voice quality will not be affected, even if dozens of users participate in a conference.


  • Any user can join an IP conference from any remote location with limited network access, i.e. Internet cafe or other public Internet access point with download restrictions.

  • Any user can connect to voice mail or another voice stream server (including RTSP and other media broadcast servers) from a remote location with limited network access. All features are accessible from the Web and provide maximum Web privacy.

  • To join a conference user simply clicks on the conference URL in the invitation e-mail (if any) or just types it in the browser address toolbar. The Java-applet will be downloaded to cache and the user can instantly listen to the real-time conference without installing any client-side software.

  • Even if user is unable to take an active part in the conference he still has the opportunity to listen in and keep informed of the content, or review the conference recorded and stored at conferencing server.

  • No special codecs or players are downloaded or installed on the user’s PC. This feature enables remote conference access from any public PCs, even ones with strictly limited access rights.

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