Sprint Nextel Sues Vonage

Who would have thought being able to hear pins drop would involve packetized telephony? More amazing is why Sprint Nextel would choose today to launch a patent infringement suit against Vonage and others.

I guess now that Vonage is a real company with a multibillion dollar IPO approaching, Sprint Nextel decided it was a good time to get a piece of the action. Also being sued is Voiceglo Holdings, a company already in pretty dire straights.

Was Packet8 one of the companies on the target list as well? Maybe. But if you have followed my writings about Packet8 parent company 8×8 you know they have walls and walls of patents in their offices. What they likely did is trade patent licensing to cover themselves from this legal challenge. Or they just paid Sprint Nextel off. Either way, this is going to be a tough challenge for Vonage with the IPO approaching.

More importantly, is this a big threat to VoIP in general? Will there be enough momentum in the industry to overturn these patents? Finally, who will be sued next?

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