SunRocket Gets Funding

Apparently the pain and anguish being felt by VoIP providers due to the Vonage IPO didn’t affect the $33 million that SunRocket scored recently. On a separate note, Vonage seems to be hovering around $7 and this seems like the longest amount of time the company’s stock has been stationary or at least nearly stationary.

It is good to see the company form a base here (some might say anywhere to stop the mad freefall). The question is does the company have any good new to share to make the next move up and not down? From a technical perspective there is no support level below $6.50 so let’s hope for the company’s sake their next bit of news is more customers or revenue than expected.

Also – if you haven’t started using them, TMC’s news snapshot pages can come in really handy as they aggregate stock charts and company info from hundreds of sources onto a single page. Take a look at the Vonage News page for yourself.

Alternatively be sure to sign up for TMCnet news alerts which can also become keyword-based RSS feeds if you like.

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