Surf Communications

The market for video and triple-play products is doing well and companies supplying this market with products are expected to see sales increase nicely going forward. SURF Communications is one of the companies in this space and they make high-density media processing boards based on TI microprocessors. While Intel and others are promoting the use of HMP or host media processing as the future, Surf is very happy to use TI DSPs to process both video and voice (for now at least). By the way, fax and modem processing can be done on the same DSPs dealing with voice and video.

Surf offers its products on variety of platforms, including a DSP farm on AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card). The AMC form factor has recently emerged as the leading standard in this field, and has been adopted by various carrier boards’ manufacturers who focus on platforms such as AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, and IBM BladeCenter. Other platforms supported by Surf products include PCI boards, PTMC DSP farms, and DSPs. In addition, Surf has cooperation agreements with cPCI and ATCA manufacturers to provide integrated solutions with Surf’s PTMC/AMC daughter cards riding on cPCI and ATCA carriers.

Today I learned the company is taking in some money to help it as it expands. One of the lead investors is –no surprise, TI. Interestingly Intel Capital is a past investor.

The money will be used to grow the company more quickly What this announcement means to me is that the market for VoIP and video systems for service providers and others is going to grow at a nice pace. With all the excitement in video from streaming to mobile devices to IPTV it is certainly an exciting time to provide enabling products for this burgeoning market.

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