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I had a good show today and met new friends and lots of old ones from Stealth Communications, Cantata, Telecom Brazil and others. I have some things to write up based on a press conference I was in today. But I am currently nauseous traveling at mach .15 on the way to Boston. I think the salad I ate is more responsible than the train.

I love Amtrak’s Acela trains and they can’t be more comfortable. What a great experience. This is especially true when compared to wonderful sight sand smells of the New York subway I experienced this morning.

I wish the MTA would use their Costco card to go by a huge batch of Lysol. Or perhaps just putting some urinal pucks into the elevators would achieve the same goal.

  • VoIP Blog -
    September 26, 2006 at 9:50 pm

    Enterprise VoIP Peering Comes of Age

    I recently had a chance to catch up with Hunter Newby of Telx and speak with him about his newest initiative in the voice/VoIP peering space. Hunter has noticed an enlightening trend in the world of information technology. As companies…

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