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This is part of the ITEXPO: Best VoIP Show In The World series of Blog entries.

Let’s look at this closely. We will have over 2,000 service providers, over 2,000 resellers, 2,000 enterprise attendees and the remaining 1,500+ will be government, developers, analysts, the media, VCs and the industry. You will not find more attendees at another event.

Why? No one has TMC’s reach. We not only run super-successful shows we run the most popular communications site in the world as ranked by every independent online media analysis company we know of.

More importantly we have a massive database of VoIP buyers we have been building with the industry’s magazine, Internet Telephony and Internet Telephony Conference & Expo.

Sure anyone can run a show but filling the aisles with decision makers is what differentiates TMC events from all others. You get more value as an exhibitor at TMC events and conferees too tell me at every show that TMC events are the best they attend!

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    September 1, 2005 at 2:37 pm

    The Mystery of why Internet Telephony has the most diverse attendees

    Why does Internet Telephony Conference and Expo draw such a wide spectrum of attendee types, including service providers, resllers, carriers, enterprise buyers, and more?Well, that’s an interesting mystery. Reminds me of the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz,…

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