The Only Show With A Service Provider Solutions Session

This is part of the ITEXPO: Best VoIP Show In The World series of Blog entries.

There are an infinite number of companies it seems that are looking to help service providers differentiate themselves by providing products that can be sold to customer s to allow their services to be different from others. There are ATAs for example that are mini-PBXs that are perfect for the SMB market. These units may have built-in WiFi, voicemail and the ability to solve the 911 problem by having PSTN support.

Then there are WiFi phone makers that have amazing products that will help you differentiate your service at retail establishments such as Best Buy.

There is no other place in the world where service providers and equipment manufacturers will come together to help customers solve their problems. TMC is actively helping you sell more product by connecting you the service provider with the equipment manufacturer so that together you can differentiate yourself and blow away competitors.

I hope to see you at TMC’s Service Provider Solutions Day collocated with ITEXPO.

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