The Only VoIP Event With Service Provider Summit

This is part of the ITEXPO: Best VoIP Show In The World series of Blog entries.

We at TMC recognize that service providers are the backbone of the VoIP industry and every day they make up a larger and larger part of the community served by TMC publications and events.

I salute you today’s service provider as only you have to deal with ever-changing government regulation and technology that mutate faster than the bacteria in Chernobyl. You are in a turbulent but invigorating market. Come to ITEXPO and be part of the Service Provider Summit. In addition to hearing Michael Powell speak and get his perspective for the first time as a non-government worker, come hear Carly Fiorina who has sat on the board of Cisco and was the #2 person at Lucent for decades. In addition to the other service provider content we have for you a this show is a definite can’t miss. You have to be there to see it for yourself.

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