TMCnet Has Another Record Day!

Yesterday our Alexa ranking (Alexa is an independent third party sit owned by that ranks sites on the internet) was 1,426 making TMCnet the top 1,426 site in the world — for the day anyway. Our 3 month average just dropped under 3,000.

What is more amazing is our reach which on many days is in the 300 out of a million range. This number means that 300 people out of a million web surfers visit TMCnet.

Yesterday we were at 530! Pretty amazing.

For fun, click on this link and compare TMCnet to other sites.

  • VoIP Blog - Rich Tehrani
    September 28, 2005 at 3:54 pm

    TMCnet in Top 1,275 Sites In World!

    Wow! No sooner did I blog about how TMCnet was in the top 1,426 sites in the world yesterday, today was an even better day. TMCnet is the top 1,275 sites today! Our reach was a record as well at…

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