TMCnet in Top 1,275 Sites In World!

Wow! No sooner did I blog about how TMCnet was in the top 1,426 sites in the world yesterday, today was an even better day. TMCnet is the top 1,275 sites today! Our reach was a record as well at 590 out of a million people. These are staggering numbers and puts TMCnet in an elite pack of b2b sites. TMCnet is one of the leading b2b tech sites in the world as ranked by Alexa. In communications, there is no site even close to our traffic levels or rank.

We can’t achieve these gains without you, our loyal readers. Thanks for coming to our site. We have invested heavily in servers and bandwidth and many of you have noticed that TMCnet is faster than ever.

On Friday we will be rolling out even more speed improvements meaning that if you have a fast connection we hope our site loads as fast or faster than any other news site in the world.

Again, thanks for your support. Enjoy TMCnet. Sign up for our newsletters or enjoy a defined RSS feed or even design your own RSS feed on your company name, your name or anything else you feel like tracking.

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