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Very soon you will be able to access video content on TMCnet. We have partnered with a company called ClipSyndicate and this partnership gives TMCnet access to hundreds of thousands if not millions of video clips from a variety of content partners such as Bloomberg, CNBC and others.

The goal of TMCnet has always been to the be the best source for all content in the communications and technology space. It is for this reason that we are on track to exceed a million unique visitors this month to TMCnet. In addition TMCnet is now ranked in the top 1,400 sites in the world by

In much the same way we have become the web’s leading communications and technology information portal in the world of text, we will do the same in video.

We will be scanning archives of video content daily and ferreting out the most relevant clips available in the world and we will bring it to you on a continuous basis.

For example if the President of Texas Instruments explains how important VoIP is to his bottom line on Bloomberg TV, you will see that clip. If Jim Cramer from CNBC’s Mad Money says he is bullish on VoIP, you will see that clip.

So in addition to being a one stop destination for articles, news and analysis, you can also see all pertinent video clips.

If you are interested in learning more please check out this excellent InformationWeek article from Laurie Sullivan.

The article gives a great overview of how this works. Keep checking TMCnet for video clips and please let us know how we can improve to serve your needs better.

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