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So far the Voice Peering Forum here in LA has been fun. It has been so good that I was only slightly tempted to leave the conference and go down the street to the Los Angeles Convention Center where the LA Auto Show is breaking down. Perhaps they need someone to drive one of the Ferraris off the show floor and onto a truck I wonder. Did I mention it is literally a 10 minute walk from here? Did I mention how dedicated I am to my profession? Perhaps part of the reason I need to stay in my seat is I am still working on a presentation I need to give in two hours. I go on at 12:30.
At the break a few minutes ago I had a chance at the break to speak with James Rafferty the Senior Product Manager at Cantata. He tells me the outlook for 2007 at Cantata is very strong. The gateway business looks especially good. He says there are new areas of growth for his company such as IP to IP transcoding. I have heard the same from a few other companies in the past year.
I mentioned the recent fax news from the company and asked him if he had any comments. This is a different division so I was surprised he addressed it. I am happy he did — as you may recall Brooktrout — now part of Cantata, invented the fax board and now boasts staggering market share.
James tells me that many companies are bringing IP fax into their enterprise along with voice — kind of like a horse and buggy. He says there is a good fit between their gateways and fax. He’ll be speaking today and we are likely to hear him talk about ENUM resolution between phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

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