VoIP and Santa

Is VoIP too mainstream now? I have seen research that says that most people think VoIP is a type of a vodka. I respectfully disagree. Everyone seems to know what this technology is and if they don’t know the term VoIP they know Internet calling, broadband phone, IP telephony, Internet telephony or some derivative of these terms. Point being VoIP is very very mainstream.

If you don’t believe me take a look at this release that ties VoIP with Santa. You know your industry is mainstream when you see Santa plugging it 😉 Here is an excerpt from the release:

Glowpoint, Inc. one of the world’s leading providers of internet based video communication services, and Kris Kringle, Inc., the world’s leading provider of tidings and joy, have joined together to use Video and Voice over IP to help Santa meet and speak with children around the world. For the first time ever, children and the child at heart looking to give Santa their Christmas list will have to go no further than their own home computer to see and talk with Santa live at the ‘North Pole.’

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