VoIP Quality Webinar Soon

TMCnet will be hosting an exclusive webinar with Keynote Systems’ Dharmesh Thakker on July 12, 2005 to discuss the findings of a major VoIP study. To gain insight into how end-users perceive VoIP service providers and network carriers, register for the free  VoIP Quality Webinar. I will be involved in this webinar as well and am very excited to be sharing the findings with the world in just one week.

Here are some details:

  • Only VoIP-PSTN (and as a baseline PSTN-PSTN) calls were sampled. No VoIP-VoIP calls were measured as part of the survey.

  • Service providers were measured using different network carriers.

  • A total of 163,000 calls (automated) were tested over a 5-week span.

  • Varying degrees of reliability and audio clarity were measured

  • VoIP service providers definitely have room for improvement based on Keynote’s metrics

  • There was no noticeable benefit if one company was both service provider and network carrier. (For example, AT&T CallVantage over AT&T’s network.)

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