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One of the more exciting things we do here at TMC is build communities. If you haven’t checked out what TMC is doing in this area you really should as there are lots of very exciting things happening as the world of communities collide with the world of the Internet and Web 2.0.

The most recent Global Online Community TMC has produced was in conjunction with Packet 8 and is titled VoIP Services. So what is a community? It is an area online or portal that is focused on a specific topic. In this case VoIP Services is the focus of this community and you can bookmark it so the latest VoIP services news is always available to you.

Hats off to the sponsors who support TMC’s efforts to objectively bring news and analysis to the world and by doing so build strong communities of related people looking to find out more about various products and services in the market.

Stories of interest from today for example are Minneapolis Public Libraries Deploys Mitel IP Communication System, ZyXEL Selects TI’s VoIP Solutions and Cable Poised for Growth in VoIP Services.

Here are some links from our sponsor worth looking at — Packet8 VideoPhone – Speak in Color and Packet8 Referral Program – Learn More.

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