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Tom Cross over at TECHtionary has come up with a new best practices series – VoIP Business and Sales/Marketing Strategy Tools For Getting-In & Staying-In the VoIP Business. The offering consists of multimedia best practices tutorials to help dealers, VARs, agent, resellers and manufacturers understand the issues critical to success in VoIP.
Here is the course outline:

The Top 10 Parts of IP in VoIP
1 – Voice to digital to packet transmission
2 – Optical Fiber Bandwidth
3 – Transmission Concepts – T-1 – PRI
4 – Integrated Access Services – Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation 5 – Introduction to Internet Protocol
6 – Back to basics – cabling
7 – TCP/IP and other Protocols & Layers
8 – Hardware Routers- IP, Switches-MAC & Protocols – H.228, H.323, MGCP & SIP
9 – Desktop "Softphones" and Toolbars
10 – IPBX and Hosted bringing it all together
I haven’t had a chance to try the tutorial but I know from experience Tom is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the business. The graphics on TECHtionary aren’t always the best but the content sure is great.

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