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If you are new to VoIP and want to learn more you must read Ted Wallingford’s mini-white paper titled Overcoming the challenges to the VoIP revolution. This is a well-written article on VoIP and how it will change the world. More importantly it discusses the challenges we as an industry must overcome.

One thing I feel I am always explaining to people is that VoIP quality can be superior to the PSTN given a quality broadband connection. In fact CD quality and surround-sound quality VoIP are easily achieved with today’s broadband connections.


  • Bernie Voice specialist
    September 3, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    What a load of rubbish….VoIP can never deliver CD quality while the digitaisation standard for voice is PCM (Pulse Code Modulation). PCM is based around the speech frequency range being about 4khz. To digitise this we sample the range at twice its rate, that is 8000 times per second. Each sample is 8 bits and so we end up with 64kbps for digitised voice which is standard across all phone systems, phone exchanges and VoIP (which also uses compression technologies on top of the PCM to decrease the bandwidth required).
    People who sell VoIP should know the technology before filling the customer’s heads with absolute crap.

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