VoIP White Papers

I am building quite a stable of people who can generate quality white papers so if anyone out there needs to hire someone to help in this area or any communications related white papers for that matter – drop me a line and I will make some introductions.

Update: Our new TMCnet whitepapers are generating quite a bit of interest and I thought it worth sharing this good news with my readers. There is some very good content in the library and I had a chance to read a few of these whitepapers and am impressed.

AT&T has done a nice job with some of their whitepapers. Some of the ones worth reading are Voice over IP Security and Critical Steps for a Successful VoIP Deployment.

Another whitepaper gaining lots of traction is Nortel’s Top 10 Questions to ask IMS vendors: What’s important and what to watch out for.

TI has a few worth looking at as well — Remote Management: Critical to a New Generation of Digital Service Providers & Next-Generation Residential Gateways: Flexibility and High-Performance will be Critical.

Whitepapers are just such a great way to learn about a topic — sure they aren’t as glossy as four-color magazines but every now and then you need a break from all that color. It sort of reminds me of Pleasantville without those excellent chocolate chip cookies.

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