Vonage E911 in Los Angeles

I will be speaking next week in Los Angeles and Irvine, California and am happy to know that the city will be much safer now that Vonage has turned up E911 in the city. In addition to Los Angeles, Vonage recently turned up E911 at more than 125 local run emergency call centers across the U.S. in less than one month, bringing the total percentage of Vonage U.S. subscriber lines that have E911 to over 89 percent.

In addition, Vonage has been pretty busy enhancing its business model by partnering with Endeavor Telecom. Why? Well the ad campaign Vonage has been running "No Nerds Required" is obviously in response to the fact that being a nerd helps in installing Vonage.

Endeavor basically can help customers install Vonage in their homes like a cable company might do. So this news basically levels the playing field a bit.

The cost of the installation starts at $99.95, and also includes professional testing and quality control services. There is no downside here that I can see so this is a brainer for the company.

I would imagine that Endeavor will be able to find some other VoIP companies to work with as well. Having home installation is very logical but I think the price is high.

Oh and by the way — I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t remind you that Internet Telephony Conference & Expo will be taking place just down the street from LA — in San Diego actually. I hope you can make it there — I would love to see you in person.

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