Xirrus Launch

With WiFi Growing so quickly, it was inevitable that companies would start to focus on the needs of the larger WiFi installations. A new company called Xirrus just launched their company and products in the high-density WiFi market.

Their WLAN array integrates a WLAN switch and 16 access points into a single device delivering gigabit class performance at an aggressive price point.

Here are some interesting features of this solution:

  • The Array Controller featuring a 2 Gbps switching fabric, controlling the packet flows of the Integrated Access Points and providing complete spectrum management;

  • A high-gain directionalized antenna system delivering increased rate and range in all directions;

  • Tri-mode 802.11 a/b/g support for existing and emerging mobile devices.

·         16x Greater Capacity: The WLAN Array introduces the industry’s first Gigabit-class Wi-Fi capacity, delivering up to 864 megabits of RF bandwidth to over 1000 clients;

·         4x Greater Coverage: The WLAN Array features a high gain multi-sector antenna system that increases rate and range in all directions yielding four times the coverage area of competing architectures;

  • 33% Lower Cost: Using less equipment to support more users, traffic and advanced applications than current architectures, the WLAN Array simplifies network design and lowers the costs of deploying and maintaining Wireless LANs. 

Xirrus offers a complete family of WLAN Arrays in 16 (XS-3900), 8 (XS-3700) and 4 (XS-3500) Integrated Access Point configurations to maximize deployment options. They also produce the XM-3300 Management Platform which provides a centralized mechanism for managing configurations in multiple unit and multiple site deployments. The XP-3100 Remote Power System provides an optional 48 volt DC power source for remotely powering a Xirrus WLAN Array in the event AC power is unavailable or is cost prohibitive to deploy.  Security features in the WLAN Array support the latest encryption and authentication standards for the protection of data while offering a dedicated RF “sniffer” for rogue access point detection.

These are the sorts of technologies that make large-scale WiFi telephony deployments possible.

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