Zultys Restructuring Documents

Recently I was sent the Zultys restructuring announcement as well as the Chapter 11 filing. If you aren’t following it, there is a very lively debate taking place on my blog about the future of Zultys, what led to its demise and the company’s future. Past employees, current employees and a number of resellers have differing views on the future of the company. Many call the discussion a soap opera and I agree.

The one thing that resonates with me is what some of the Zultys community had to say about the number of people who looked at the company’s financials over the past year. I provided the list at the bottom of this post and it is staggering. It seems only HP, IBM and Cisco are absent. And what is Dell doing on this list? Actually sources tell me Dell has been approached numerous times by p2p VoIP phone companies in the hopes the Texas-based computer giant would start carrying their own line of p2p phones.

If you check out this story I wrote last year, P2P VoIP Kills The PBX you can see I have been expecting a computer maker to get into the communications business at some point soon.

At the time I wrote the above-mentioned story, my sources hinted at Dell’s marginal interest level on the matter and I think if they were very interested they would have picked up Nimcat Networks before it fell into Avaya’s hands. Regardless, the fact that Dell was interested in Zultys financials at all is a big deal and may be sending a clear signal that Dell is looking at seriously entering telecom.


Alcatel USA
Avaya, Inc.
Foundry Networks
Juniper Networks
Tadiran Telecom, Inc.
Vodavi Technologies
Patton Electronics
Telrad Connegy (Avi)
Millenium Technology Ventures
Acclaim Ventures
Platinum Equity
Silicon Valley Bank
Gordian Group, LLC
Invester Growth Capital
Investor AB
Investor Growth Capital

  • Savvy debtor
    October 5, 2006 at 1:57 am

    You need to understand that Dell is mIlnes great heros. Look at the inventory! So the fact that Dell were approached means absolutely nothing other than the founder is deluded.

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