Bees Gone Wild

Greg has some thoughts on the bee problems and how Taiwan is being affected by bees who leave their hives and get lost on the way home. Last year at the Communications Developer Conference I joked onstage about the latest forms of IP communications and how pigeons would play an important role in providing mesh-based WiFi networks of the future.
It seems now we need a tiny IP-based bee-cam to be placed on bees allowing scientists to see where these bees are going. Some of the theories scientists are offering are power lines or cellular signals disrupting the bees natural ability to navigate.
Something I haven’t read about is pollution being a problem but pesticides and weather are other theories that have been posed.
But the bee problem seems to have become a problem last year and power lines and cell phone signals haven’t increased so much in the last year have they? Remember this is a worldwide problem it seems.
If it is a technology problem then it would have to be a new wireless technology. Perhaps BPL? WiMAX? Bluetooth is too weak to cause such a problem. Perhaps it’s EVDO Rev A.?
Anyway, I am not a scientist but it is clear the world needs honeybees if we want to continue to enjoy flowers and a variety of food. I hope this problem gets solved soon.

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