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The embedded computing market is one on in which it is difficult to differentiate one’s self as the market is based on open interfaces and architectures. But still, vendors are not sitting still and a market where differentiation is difficult, companies continuously up the ante on performance for the proverbial buck.
Case is point is Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing who recently announced a new high-performance, quad-core AdvancedTCA blade for communications infrastructure applications. Known as the KAT6200, the new field replaceable ATCA server blade features a pair of dual-core, Intel Xeon processors, a high-speed ATCA switched fabric, a mid-size AdvancedMC expansion bay, redundant IPMI system management, and an optional 2.5-inch SAS hard drive.
In a conversation with Jeff Durst, program director for Emerson’s Embedded Computing business I had a chance to learn about the new blade and what makes it different. One area is persistent memory. This memory is great for situations where you wish you knew what the problem was which resulted in a system to go down. 16 MB of pseudo SRAM is the technology used to enable this feature.
In addition, redundant firmware hubs ensure systems can recover from a failed firmware upgrade.
A major market for the KAT6200 is the wireless and wireline telco space where the blade can do well running in base stations. In addition it can be used to power radio network controllers, media gateways, HLRs, packet traffic processors and of course softswitches.
In addition to this announcement which took place in June of this year, Emerson Network Power has been busy in the green technology space partnering with both Sun and Dell to reduce data center power consumption. In both cases, the company’s Liebert power and cooling business played a major role.
The Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solution, available immediately worldwide, helps to simplify IT environments and combines Dell’s PowerEdge Energy Smart servers with Liebert XD supplemental cooling technology and Liebert’s DSroom cooling systems.

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