Iotum Talk-Now

Can You Hear Me Now? Whoops Sorry About That.
I would never have started a magazine with the name of SIP if I didn’t believe presence was going to change the way the world communicates. Innovative developers the world over have realized presence will make people more efficient and as such have given us many solutions for using our everyday devices to be advised of what others are doing… before we interrupt them.
One of the more recent and interesting applications in the presence market comes from Iotum and is called Talk-Now. The software allows you to see when you contacts are available, be notified when they are available and allows you to share your presence info with others.
As Alec Saunders of Iotum reminds us, statistically, anytime you pick up the phone to try to reach someone, you have just an 18% probability of connecting with a human being, instead of voicemail. Four out of five calls go to voicemail. Moreover, because of telephone tag, it takes an average of just over 3 attempts to reach people using the phone. It’s remarkably inefficient!
If you are a Blackbery user and don’t already have a presence application on your device be sure to try Talk-Now out for free – not including airtime or data charges of course. The software works on 8700 series, Pearl, or any Blackberry running OS 4.1.

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