Musings: HP, Paragon Wireless, BridgePort Networks

This week has seen more announcements than any in recent memory. 3GSM is probably the main culprit here but beyond this international wireless event there are other tech related news stories worth discussing in today’s musings.
One of the most interesting applications of technology recently has to be the case of the two teenage girls in Trenton, Ohio who posted a fake snow day notice on the school’s website. The two Edgewood High School students, whose names were not released, were charged in juvenile court on Friday and face expulsion. One of the girls, 16, was charged with delinquency by unauthorized use of a computer (doesn’t this seem like a made up name of a crime?) and by reason of records tampering. The other, 17, was charged with delinquency by reason of complicity, Sheriff’s Sgt. Monte Mayer said.
Now it has been a few years since high school but as I recall when we had snow days and school was closed we added a day to the end of the school year in June. I wonder if a better punishment isn’t just to let the girls stay in school and just add one more day to the school year. That way their classmates will ensure they receive the punishment they deserve.
Besides expelling a kid these days means they can just spend more time at home playing video games. And nowadays the video game makers are getting more and more aggressive. Case in point is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) who is giving away a free copy of James Bond Casino Royale to the first 500,000 purchasers of a PS3. This actually has enticed me to pick up a PS3 because to be honest I didn’t understand about 20% of the dialogue of this movie in the theatre. I think it was either the accents or the crunchy popcorn or a combination thereof. Anyway since this offer doesn’t seem to apply to the US, I am out of luck.
But in the spirit of 3GSM let’s get back to some mobile and wireless news. Perhaps most interesting news here is the HP iPAQ 500 series phone that is HP’s first foray into the mobile phone market. Of course the device has VoIP, push e-mail and Windows Mobile 6 as it’s OS.
A brief perusal of the 3GSM News page on TMCnet shows the breadth of news at the Barcelona-based event is quite large. One announcement which caught my eye was from Paragon Wireless who has delivered their hipi-2300 Dual Mode Smartphone which promises a better quality VoIP call than other phones through the use technologies such as a built-in jitter buffer.
Another interesting news announcement from the show is that BridgePort Networks Oberthur Card Systems, and CounterPath Solutions—have combined their hardware and software to form the MobileSTICK solution. The goal of this alliance is to allow cellphone users to have access to VoIP services as well as desktop SMS and MMS capabilities. The goal hers this to get wireless providers to embrace VoIP as a way to increase network usage and to further increase revenue by providing services such as messaging.
There is so much more so if you need to stay up to date be sure to check the 3GSM news page for yourself throughout the week.
Oh and by the way, before you decide not to go to school or work because of a snow announcement be sure to take a glance at as well – just to be sure.

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